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A commercial for Clairol hair care products featuring the Elizabeth Montgomery of the television show Bewitched!
Bakery, retail bakery, activity in a commercial bakery: bread is removed from an oven, moved on conveyor belts, and shelved; flour is poured into cans; dough is mixed by machine; the dough is rolled, left to rise, and placed in an oven; and fresh bread is delivered to a supermarket. Apprentice bakers attend a class. Scientists work with yeast cells in a laboratory of the American Baker's Association. Describes activities in a small retail bakery.
Soap_Make_up_Perfume, soap bars Lux cleanliness hygiene, hands washing, cosmetics red turntables makeup ,soap products and soap cakes shown in Technicolor. Many different shades of lipstick Assortment of toilet articles, rouge, lipstick, powder, soap and perfumes. turntables cosmetics makeup, lady selects her makeup to suit her evening gown, sparkling sheer glass, cosmetics makeup hands domestic workers, Black workers, African Americans, maids, servants ,uniforms, mirrors ,women compact,