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Bakery, retail bakery, activity in a commercial bakery: bread is removed from an oven, moved on conveyor belts, and shelved; flour is poured into cans; dough is mixed by machine; the dough is rolled, left to rise, and placed in an oven; and fresh bread is delivered to a supermarket. Apprentice bakers attend a class. Scientists work with yeast cells in a laboratory of the American Baker's Association. Describes activities in a small retail bakery.
Retail Bakery,cakes, mixing machines, icing, cookies, pies, bakers, kids eat pie, boy, girl, dough, kneading, oven, apprentice,Small retail bakery window, Black bakery worker in small bakery,Baker using pastry bag, Baker making pies,
New_England_Lobster_Footage_Live_Chef_Restaurant_Train.VS Diners eating at New England-style restaurants, Wipe to lobster pot being pulled out of water, VS lobsters being pulled from pot, Chef puts lobster into broiler, CU trays with hands eating and shaking salt, VS diners in railroad car],LS streamlined New Haven RR engine on curve, VS interiors of passenger cars, VS POVs from railroad window, showing countryside,
New_Hampshire_Lobster, M.J. Norton seafood market housed in antique New England store, MS heavyset man wearing cap with pencil behind ear, and suspenders holds a lobster up for the camera; CU lobster held in disembodied hand. Man boils lobsters in outdoor vat.
A promotional industrial film featuring the secrets behind the manufacturing behind Coca-Cola as well as people enjoying and sharing the classic soda.
A woman and man enjoy delicious coca-cola while gazing upon an ocean view in Uruguay in the 1950s.
People enjoy coca-cola alongside their meal while dining outdoors and gazing upon the beauty of Paris in the 1950s.
A behind the scenes look at the manufacturing of chocolate.Interior of candy factory with workers and machinery mixing ingredients, filling molds
Pieces of candy carried by conveyor belt into chocolate coating machine - girls seated at a long table wrapping and packing candy ‘Tarts.’ behind the scenes look at the manufacturing of chocolate.