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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and these stylish turkeys are well aware of it as they strut their stuff during a fashion show 1951.
Santa's Surprise is a 1947 cartoon directed by Seymour Kneitel and produced by Famous Studios. Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve. Kids follow him, sneak onto his sled and go back to the North Pole and clean his house while he is sleeping. He wakes to find a present they left for him.
Hector the dog's easy life is suddenly disrupted by new tasks created by the arrival of puppies. It is Christmas time and the puppies cause havoc in the house with the Christmas Tree.
WALTZ OF THE MANNEKINS.New York, NYC, christmas, St Patricks cathedral, shoppers, stores, store windows, Rockefeller center, Christmas tree, ice skating, ice rink, crowds, winter, traffic, angels, animated displays, kids, families, Fifth Avenue, 5th Avenue,