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A scene from the feature film They Made Me A Criminal. After his manager kills a reporter and frames him, a boxer played by John Garfield changes his identity and flees to Arizona. He hides at a ranch for delinquents run by an old woman older woman while being chased by a detective. He eventually proves his innocence. Full film available upon request.
Roy Rogers is delivering horses to Missouri when the Civil War breaks out. Roy and pal George 'Gabby' Hayes then pose as Confederate officers to stop a local gang.
Roy Rogers gets elected to congress on a promise to deliver water back home. To gain support in DC Roy brings a congressman out west to see the issue for himself.
A young woman, Ann Shelby, turns to a life of crime and becomes an outlaw to enact revenge on the men who killed her brother in Reconstruction Era Missouri.
Annie tries to convince her aging lawmen friend Clay to get a needed eye operation before they have to chase down a local gang who killed his brother. Original Air Date: April 17 1954